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Pedro Juan Ramirez


I’ve been designing pieces independently and in collaboration with other artists for many years. Throughout my career I’ve developed a keen eye for detail, creating original pieces as well as items following established fashion trends. My goal is to create an exclusive form of design that each wearer can adapt in order to freely express their own unique style.

Pedro Juan Ramirez


As the founder and creative designer of my own brand, Stigma NYC I have found that the design and creativity are only 25% of the process. Creating your own brand also requires having strong business skills, taking a lot of risks, thinking outside the box, creative marketing and merchandising yourself and your products.

One of the biggest challenges of the process of creating your own fashion label is establishing your name and brand in a crowded apparel market.

The best way to reach consumers is to:

  1. Research stores where your target customer shops.

  2. Go to the stores with your product and introduce yourself to the managers. If they like your product, they will pass it along to the buyer.

  3. Once that you establish a relationship with the store, it is important to keep in touch with the buyer. The buyer is the best person to let you know about what is selling, what consumers are buying and what is on trend.


It is important to develop a cohesive collection that flows together and can lead the consumer through your journey. In the case of the last collection of Stigma NYC, I took dance and Ballet as an inspiration given the beauty that emanates from stage during a performance. This included the use of muted colors that have movement, comfort and versatility. I named that collection “Mystique” which I feel epitomizes what Ballet is all about.



When developing a new apparel line, it is important to be involved in all aspects of the business. This includes being in constant contact with buyers, retailers, small boutiques, bloggers, and ecom companies. I also work with pattern makers and sewers who work to bring my designs to life.

I also work with a fit model to make sure that the product being developed looks great when it is being worn. In between, I am always shopping for new fabric vendors and researching ways to keep ahead of the trend, working on my website to keep it fresh and new, managing social media and planning events with select retail partners.

Apparel is a dynamic industry that is constantly changing and fast fashion is pushing turnaround times on finished products to within weeks of the leading runway shows. It is important to keep in mind that as a new designer, you will need to balance all aspects of the business while bringing to life your products with your own creative flair. Inspiration is everywhere and translating that into wearable fashion remains the biggest challenge, while seeing your finished product on woman, remains my biggest reward.


Pedro Juan Ramirez

Founder and Creative Designer of Stigma NYC

Stigma NYC Log Book
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1.) Models names are Alena Yazeba & Mabel Moreno 
2.) Photographer is Alejandro Ceredena

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