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Part One

Fashion Inspiration Is Dead The New York Times

Mary Louise Prentice, 78, a powerful presence on New York’s fashion scene died Thursday morning near the Park Avenue apartment she shared with her husband, international business executive, Charles Alexander Prentice.

Mrs. Prentice enjoyed a reputation as one of contemporary fashion’s foremost influencers. Disdainful of the title “muse”, she was, nevertheless, inspirational to scores of designers whom she supported and mentored over the years. An early devotee of social media, her blog, “I’ll Take One in Every Color”, gained attention worldwide with her brutal assessments of popular style trends and acerbic comments about fashion-world personalities and their peccadillos. Recognized, for her unique, supremely confident personal taste, she courted criticism by referring to her vast collection of one-of-a-kind, haute couture garments as: ‘Oh, just clothes no one… but me…can afford to buy!’ Services remain pending as investigations continue.

ONE SPLAT AND SHE’S OUT! The New York Daily News

As if being a kid wasn’t hard enough! Imagine having to tell everyone you saw it all when some Park Avenue grandma bulls-eyed right there in front of you. That’s what happened to two third graders yesterday. Right in front of these kiddos, the big bucks babe bull’s-eyed on the sidewalk, raining bloody macabre on their daily toddle to school. Guess the kids sure learned how to spell G-O-N-E-R! Even crazier? The gal was totally topless, wearing just the bottom half of what was sure to have been some wild getup. Police aren’t saying if her one way trip down the vertical catwalk was an accident, or a real life crime of fashion…

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